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Free word counter online

Free word counter online is an essential tool for someone who doesn’t have Microsoft Word but wants to know how many wordsare in his document. What would it be like to be drafting a piece and then manually count words? Not only would it take an eternity, but there's also a chance that you won't be completely correct.

Free word counter online is a useful tool to count words per min. Set a timer for five minutes. Type in the box provided here on the free word counter online. You can calculate the average word per minute rate by dividing the total number of words by five after the time is up.

What is the benefit of this tool?

Since no "submit" buttons are required to complete the calculation, there is no time lost throughout this method. All word counting is completed on the fly, without the need to click any "submit" buttons. You may type the text to see how many words you've typed so far as you progress through the text. In addition, we do not save any of the information that is written or put into the word count box on our website.

Who can benefit from the use of a word counting tool?

·         Those who blog or write content for a living

This tool can be quite beneficial to your SEO efforts if you're writing for your website. For example, to rank effectively, the body of the text has to be at least 300 words in length, and the title should be less than 70 characters.

  •       Students/Teachers

As a student, you will be required to produce assignments with particular word counts in your academic career. Even though some wiggle room is normally granted, you may lose points if you are significantly off the mark in either direction. What a complete waste of your time and energy! Additionally, you may find quick word counter online incredibly beneficial to seek expert writing assistance from custom writing services like Academized, which provides one of the top write my essays services you can discover on the Internet to complete your assignments. It will come in handy if you are asked to compose a particularly challenging assignment at the last minute.

As a teacher, you can use this quick word counter online to know how many words is this assignment of your student.

  •       Various Other Applications

Many occupations, such as lawyers, secretaries, and other professionals, will require you to write articles of a specific length from time to time; thus, with this tool, you will be able to know how many words is this document of yours. Check out some of our famous product like Business Cards, Flyers, Posters etc

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