Free tools for keyword research



Whenever it comes to optimizing your blog or online business for search engine results, it's like trying to hit a target in the dark without the aid of keyword research tools. Occasionally, one may hit a target, but most arrows might land on the ground.

Keyword research tools aid SEO strategy in a variety of ways. It is possible to discover how many people are actively searching for a particular term, discover patterns, and see how much competition there is to rank for it.
An unexpectedly large number of excellent free seo tools for keyword research are available to gather important data for marketing and SEO. These free keyword research tools are simple to use and provide a wealth of useful information.
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Keyword Surfer
The Keyword Surfer extension for Google Chrome is a more recent addition free seo tools for keyword research. When you turn on this tool for free keyword research online, results appear on the right side of the results page whenever you enter a search query. 

AnswerThePublic is one of the best free tools for keyword research that allows you to see search data in its raw form. A list of frequently asked questions appears when you type in your search term(s). The who, how, where, when, why, and other inquiries users ask can be seen in a graphic display.

Keyword Sheeter
Google's autocomplete results are used to populate Keyword Sheeter. Data about what individuals type into a search engine is delivered in real-time.To quickly come up with many keyword suggestions, Keyword Sheeter is one of the great country-based keyword research tools for free Keyword Research online.


A service called Keyworddit scans Reddit for relevant terms. A subreddit with a minimum of ten thousand followers must be entered, as well as a timeframe. This country-based keyword research tool extracts up to 500+ keywords with search results from titles and comments.


A lot of work goes into creating each page of your website, whether it's a blog or an e-commerce site. Your efforts will be rewarded if you employ the greatest free tools for keyword research.