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The Xoom Online Source Code Formatter Tool Translate Code Fragment into HTML Safe String.
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Free source code formatter

To make your code appear its best, you can use a free source code formatter. These programmes are designed forsource code format onlineof many programming and scripting languages. Indent, formatting styles, bracket styles, lines, function, keyword formatting, and a slew of additional possibilities are all available with free source code formatter.This is the list of 5 html source code formatter to translate code fragment into HTML.

1.  Highlight

Programming and scripting languages can be formatted and corrected with this free source code formatter. Alternatively, you may paste a small code snippet from your Windows clipboard into the app, and it will format it for you.

2.  CoolFormat

CoolFormat is a Windows-based free html source code formatter online. It supports a wide range of programming code to format, just like Highlight. A ribbon-like user interface makes it easy to edit the source code with a single click.

3.  UniversalIndentGUI

Another excellent free html source code formatter online is UniversalIndentGUI. The software has an easy-to-use interface and supports a wide range of strong programming languages for formatting source code. You can choose from various indenters included in the software to make your code more visually appealing.

4.  Funduc Software Code Format

An easy-to-use html source code formattercalled Funduc Software Code Format (FS Code Format) is available from Funduc Software. Indentation, line spacing, spaces after particular keywords (and other parameters), brace format, and other factors are all available to customize the formatting of the code.

5.  NppAStyle

The powerful plugin for the Notepad++ text editor, NppAStyle, is available. It is commonly used for a variety of jobs, so one may already be aware of it. An intelligent code formatter is needed because a large number of people use it for coding purposes. Check out some of our famous products like Business Cards, Flyers, Posters etc.


These are the best source code formatter to translate code fragment into HTMLI've come across. Moreover, several of these allow you to source code format online in many files at once. I believe that the greatest programme is Highlight and CoolFormat.

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