Free Internet speed test online

Free Website Speed Test Online

Internet users are known to be restless whenever it gets down to waiting for a website to load. As a result, your website's usability its ability to render quickly is vital to its success. It doesn't matter if you're an auto parts business or a school; you should quick test website speed because it affects both the customer experience and SEO.

Use the following resources topage time check andquick test website speed and detect performance bottlenecks that may be slowing your site down.

1.  Page Speed Online

A web-based version of the popular Chrome browser extension Page Speed, Google's Page Speed Online examinespage time check and your website's performance in accordance with the Google Web Performance Best Practices (a set of rules for optimal front-end performance). Even a report on mobile device best practices for maximum performance is included in this useful web application.

2.  Pingdom Tools

Using Pingdom'spage time checkandfree website speed test onlinetool (a server, network, and website monitoring service), you can see how long each page object (e.g. photos, style sheets, and JavaScript libraries) requires to download, as well as how well your browser cache is doing. Page analysis is another valuable report that gives information on the page's load time, page size, and request information.

3.  Web Page Analyzer

If you're looking for a free website speed test onlineanalyser, this is one of the oldest and best tools to test website speedand load test WordPress, with its initial version launched in 2003. It also provides you with suggestions for improvement.

4.  Keycdn

You can test website speedand load test WordPress in real-time from any location in the world with Keycdn'sfree website speed test onlinetool. Check out some of our famous products like Business Cards, Flyers, Posters etc.

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